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My Pain Disappeared!
For many years I battled nagging lower back pain which never seemed to go away. After just a few days of practicing MELT with Shelly, the pain disappeared! Shelly’s classes always introduce new techniques to address different body parts, which make each class a learning experience. Now, if I neglect my practice and the back pain or some other pain emerges, I have the tools to address it. Thank you, Shelly, for teaching me such a valuable technique! It literally has changed my life and is helping me age with intention as Shelly always suggests.


Recommended by: Kimmy 2024

A Jewel in Sayulita!
My husband and I just passed 11 days in Sayulita. We learned so much from her over the course of our various sessions. She immediately tuned into each of our (very different) needs, and provided us with so many “tools” to bring back home with us.
For me it really opened my mind and heart into a new way of working out and provided me with new knowledge that I am very excited about and looking forward to incorporating into my existing fitness regime when I return back home.
Shelly is very personable and friendly. The sessions were fun. At the same time she is extremely professional, and focused on making the most out of your time together. I feel that her medical background, in addition to her passion for overall wellness is extremely unique. A jewel in Sayulita!

Recommended by: Lori Whitfield May 2023

Life Changing and Forever Grateful
Even though our daily communication has waned, I do think of you!   I want to thank you for all you have guided me through and thought I would let you know how positive your influence has been to me.


I have turned into a vegetable lover.  I love it.  I would not have changed my eating habits without your encouragement.  My weight is steady, I enjoy eating & I am at a healthy weight.  PLUS I am wearing clothes that haven’t fit me for years. It feels great! My sleep, which has always been problematic, is much better.  I am now sleeping better and more consistently.  It’s not perfect, but it is greatly improved.


The Vagus and breathing exercises you taught me have become part of my life and help me with my anxiety.  Both my therapist and my doctor have approved of these great practices. And my overall, general day-to-day anxiety is less than it was before. I feel empowered having these TLC practices for myself.

Recommended by: Anonymous Client 2020/2021


Rating: 5/5 - Doctor's orders - be healthy, be in your body, Shelly's the best!

I'm healing from a major knee injury that made it necessary for me to learn to walk again & I've done all sorts of postural contortions in the come back. Shelly is a goddess send!  Her eyes are clear, she sees the details in my carriage, alignment & muscular definition --or lack there of & reports out to me. She is an accountability factory, a cheerleader who will not drink any cool-aid. We're dong such deep yet gentle yet profound movements, re-programming my body back into a 'not trauma/not wounded/free to move again' animal. Her energy is great, she has generously referred me to other amazing local healers & shared many resources for personal healing to support me. Do yourself a major favor & take your body for a tune-up with Dr. Shelly.


Recommended by: Amy G (recovering from DC)

On: 06/12/14 |Date of Stay: June, 2014


Mexifit Changed My Life and had my doctor asking me what's up?

Mexifit changed my life... the way I now approach exercise and the positive affect it has on my health, specifically targeting the more elusive, unnoticeable issues, not just building muscle tone.  Just over a year ago Shelly introduced me to yogalates and power ropes and has continued to guide me in my physical training with such results that my physician is astounded with the results.  This spring I met Josh and he challenged me on the power ropes and today was my first video workout with him which was fantastic.  I had tried to duplicate the exercises at home in the States for a month, but this morning with a Mexifit video, I went to a higher level.  I plan on doing the yogalates video and expect the same results.

Thank you Shelly 

p.s.  If a 65 year old  can figure this new opportunity to "earn her margaritas," then anyone can!


Recommended by: Michelle Gillett

Ongoing class participant  - May, 2011 to Present 


Rating: 5/5 - Great way to start you day!

Mexifit classes are a great way to start your day in Sayulita. Whether you take a Power Ropes, Restorative Yin/Hatha Stretch or Yogalates class, they are all fun way to get your day off to a great start. Workout as intense or leisurely as you like as Shelly adapts the class to your needs. Classes take place at Don Pedro’s Palapa, which is one of the most scenic locations in Sayulita with views of the ocean, beach, town and coastline. Earn your margaritas or just get your day in paradise off to a great start! There is nothing better!


Recommended by: Ernst (Sayulita & Seattle, WA)

Ongoing Class Participant 2012 - Present  


Rating: 5/5 - A highlight of my time in Sayulita

I tried the Yogalates and Power Ropes classes during my week's stay in Sayulita and loved both! It was a beautiful and invigorating way to start the day; just the right combination of work-out and stretching. The palapa has spectacular views and you get a nice warm-up walking out the road past Villa Amor. Shelly is a great instructor and a friendly ambassador for the town, too. If I make it back to Sayulita, I'll try to get to a class every morning. Thanks, Shelley!


Recommended by: Susan Jones (Berkeley, CA USA)

On: 12/09/19 |Date of Stay: December, 2019


Rating: 5/5 - Our most favourite & least guilty pleasure in Sayulita!

Mexifit makes working out a joy for someone not used to saying such things :^) The energy, sincerity, enthusiasm, and motivation create a big gravitational pull that helps draw us back to this magical place year after year. Fun and healthy too! Thanks!


Recommended by: Deb & Art (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Ongoing Class Participant 2012- Present


Rating: 5/5 - Great all over workout in Sayulita!!

Mexifit really knows how to give you a great workout!!! I did the ropes class six times during my first stay and I must say it was one of the best class workouts that I have participated in.  I go regularly, every time I visit.  Shelly really knows her stuff and I really liked her focus on 'Form First.'  I would highly recommend this for anyone coming to Sayulita and looking to maintain or increase their strength and endurance.  
It also doesn't hurt that she is an avid dog lover/rescuer and actively involved in the Sayulitanimals.  
Mexifit rocks!  Thanks to you, I am in better shape every time I come back. Thank you!! 

Recommended by: BrianH (Denver, Colorado USA)

On: 01/08/15 |Date of Stay: January, 2015 AND Brian keep visiting us every year at the Palapa


Rating: 5/5 - Fantastic workout. Fantastic trainers! Definitely the best in Sayulita

A wonderful mix of of Power Ropes (TRX) alternating with yoga (Yin or Yogalates). Incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and motivating instructor. Shelly is a highly skilled trainer who is really attentive to every detail of your form in each exercise. The venue is absolutely beautiful. Hear the waves, the birds, see the whales and feel the breeze as you start your day in Sayulita with an AWESOME workout.

Recommended by: Kim Millar Lewis (Victoria, BC, Canada)

On: 12/16/15 |Date of Stay: December, 2015


Rating: 5/5 -  Beautiful setting/Amazing instructor

The huge palapa overlooking the ocean is the perfect place to do yoga and pilates. How could you not feel at peace when looking out at the view. Shelly my instructor was wonderful and I also had some private sessions with her to help me with a nagging shoulder injury. I had tremendous improvement and could not be happier. I wished my stay was longer so I could continue the workouts with her.


Recommended by: Linda (Roseville, California)

On: 01/04/14 |Date of Stay: January, 2014



Rating: 5/5 - Great Way to Start the Day

What a great way to start the day. At the top of a hill, with a most spectacular 360 vista, you can enjoy yoga or strength training for an hour each and every morning. Shelly is very knowledgable, professional and so much more!. I always come away inspired with ideas that will enhance my well being. An added benny…the dogs that Shelly has rehabbed are often present, and the stories she has to tell about the work she and others are doing for Sayulitnimals is such an inspiration.


Recommended by: Ann (Everett, WA)

On: 11/23/13 |Date of Stay: November, 2013



Rating: 5/5 - Awesome workout

So very excited to return to Sayulita and especially take the classes at the Palapa!!! Did it two years ago and was one of the highlights of my vacay. Loved waking up in the morning and running up to the amazing views. The workout was great, but what really made it were the instructors. Great attention to detail with trx and awesome motivators. Can't wait to see you in two weeks. Keeps me on track for ski conditioning for this upcoming season!!


Recommended by: Mary Tanguay (Aspen Colorado)

On: 11/07/13 |Date of Stay: November, 2013 



Rating: 5/5 - Great classes and personal training

A few years ago, we Shelly for four small group personal training sessions. Her professionalism and experience gave us a great workout and resulting recommendations to friends who've asked me for a great workout on their Sayulita vacation. This last week, I took three of the power ropes classes taught in the incredible palapa location overlooking the ocean and worked up a good sweat and well worked muscles. I'd definitely recommend Mexifit to anyone and will be back!


Recommended by: Christine (Seattle)

On: 04/20/13 |Date of Stay: April, 2013     


Rating: 5/5 - Amazing Sweat!!!

My sweetheart and I are super active people, so we are always looking to find a great place to sweat and stretch! Mexifit is perfect! Strength on the power ropes followed the next day with restorative yin is the perfect recipe for safe weight training!!! Shelly is the biggest sweetpea!!! She is  extremely cautious and knowledgeable with respect to safety and working with injuries! I am impressed!

Recommended by: Meredith L (Calgary)

On: 04/19/13 |Date of Stay: April, 2013


Rating: 5/5 - Mexifit is the best way to start you morning in Sayulita

Just returned from a great trip to Sayulita, and looked forward to writing a review to recommend that everyone try some Yoga and PowerRopes from Shelly at Mexifit!  Classes were the perfect way to start the day.  The beautiful outdoor location, perched on a point above the ocean is breathtaking and soothing - no gym can match the view.  The workout palapa is just a short walk from town - just enough to get the blood pumping on your way.  The location was well marked, easy to find, and comfortable.  Shelly is incredibly friendly, welcoming and knowledgable!
I work out regularly, including TRX, but the Ropes Fusion class was a great challenge and made my muscles burn. On alternate days, we did Yoga with Shelly - which was a wonderful, soothing recovery. I purchased the 5 class pass prior to arriving in Sayulita and am so pleased that I did - it gave me the perfect opportunity to work out every morning - and since I'd pre-paid, there was no way I was going to miss a class. I would recommend Mexifit to everyone, regadless of fitness level or ability. Mexifit is accomodating, and the classes were the perfect way to start my day. I will definitely sign up again on my next trip to Sayulita!


Recommended by: AngieH (Washington State)

On: 01/04/13 |Date of Stay: December, 2012


Rating: 5/5 - Real fitness in 5 days.  Don't miss the opportunity to train with this world-class professional.

I have taken Mexifit classes for the last few years while on holiday in Sayulita. The combination of Shelly's custom-made Yogalates and relaxing Yin stretch classes with resistance training on 'The Power Rope has been incredibly effective for me. I usually workout with them 4-6 days in a row. I always leave Sayulita fitter than when I arrived, despite my daily indulgence in fantastic guacamole and margaritas.
Yogalates is a perfect combination of traditional yoga positions that offer deep stretching and strength combined with core work. Shelly's MD, expert knowledge of anatomy and years of experience as a high-end personal trainer in the U.S makes every minute worth the investment in time. Without using any weights other than your own body, Ropes class is a high-energy cardio plus strength workout. You can't help but perform the movements in perfect posture with Shelly's focus on technique.  So next time you are in Sayulita, don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to meet and train with world-class "wellness & physique transformationists" and to earn those margaritas!


Recommended by: DK

On: 12/15/12 |Date of Stay: December, 2012


Rating: 5/5 - We loved yoga with Shelly

While in Sayulita, I strongly urge you to check out one of Shelly's classes up on the hillside under the palapa. I tried the TRX-style ropes class and the yoga classes. There is something so wonderful, soothing, and refreshing about doing a yoga class up on that hill, overlooking the ocean and rolling green landscape. Definitely worth it! And, you'll feel good about yourself, too.


Recommended by: Kirsten (United States)

On: 11/18/12 |Date of Stay: November, 2012


Rating: 5/5 - Muchas Gracias Mexifit.  Wedding Bliss

Erin and I were just reminiscing about the good times in Sayulita and we instantly thought of Mexifit. I realized we had never truly thanked you, so in the spirit of better-late-than-never...thank you!  You were instrumental in getting us physically and mentally prepared for our wedding and we really enjoyed our time in your classes. We still talk about the private yoga session as well and truly cannot believe how many of our family members participated.  It's great to reminisce over the pictures now and say 'damn, we look good!' and know that most importantly, we felt good too. You have a really good thing going down there with MexiFit and the Dog Rescue, and we wish you continued success.  Until next time in Sayulita, be well and enjoy.   

Recommended by: Jason and Erin

Namaste from Nepal, Date: September, 2011


Rating: 5/5 -  Physically Chalenging - YES Great Results - DEFINITELY

A fabulous way to get into shape and feel good! Shelly is super friendly but you really have to watch out for her intensity!!! - FABULOUS classes!!!


Recommended by: Lisa Bruno

Date: October, 2011 to Present



Hola Mexifit Muchas Gracias!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for being so awesome.  I'm so glad we started coming to your classes - you are wonderful. This morning I got out of bed with a bad kink in my neck, it was pitch black outside and raining...but when I arrived to the Palapa the sun was trying so hard to peak through the clouds, the rain had stopped and Shelly greeted me with positive energy as always....AND the exercises we did in class fixed my neck!  It felt so great to start my day off  like this, wake my body up and I'm at work in front of the computer feeling energized and ready for whatever comes my way today.  Gabe and I are both really enjoying the ropes classes and we had a blast with water aerobics too (although we couldn't stop laughing at each other) 


We know you're busting your butts to be super flexible with your classes and to keep going through the summer and we really appreciate it.  Our 2 best friends from Vancouver are arriving tomorrow and we can't wait to show them what fitness in Sayulita is like.


Besos y abrazos,
Wendy and Gabe

June, 2011

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