Personal Training

Work Smarter Not Harder!
Be Mindful of Your Body & How it is All Connected. 
Gain Awareness and work towards more Comfort & Health.


Shelly will save you years of trial, error, and injury .
She encourages mindful movement that will help you reach your goals in the safest & most effective way.   

With Mexifit you get Shelly - who has an MD, MPH, many certifications including Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, Mindfulness Meditation, Connective Tissue/Pain Relief & more.  
Everybody and every body is different, so each private training session is completely customized for You
At your rental - our palapa in Sayulita... 
choose the location & Mexifit will bring the rest!


Whether you need to...
Earn Your Margaritas or

Recover from Your Margaritas 
Mexifit has the session for you!

Strength Training

Mexifit offers the ultimate in total body  conditioning.  
Through a combination of resistance training, cardio conditioning, core focus, and flexibility development, you'll be beach & life ready in no time.   


Tailored to you and your lifestyle.
Learn something to take home with you.  

Mindfully fight aging & decay. 
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Yoga &

Experience a revolution in Mat Pilates along with the benefits of Yoga practiced correctly.
Shelly encourages mindfulness in all movement.

Dispensing with fads and trends, be prepared to awaken your mind, renew your connection to moving your body, and energize your soul. 

Some say Shelly's teaching techniques are both refreshing and enlightening.  

Customized Retreat or Transformation

A  focused tailored experience for whatever you need!

Ready for your own customized retreat? 

Your Transformation? 
Your Self-Care time?

Why not learn how to use Mindfulness to create Comfort, Strength, Flexibility, Awareness 
in your body and life.

No matter what your goals or needs,
Shelly is here to help you realize them.


With Mexifit you will stretch, sweat, breathe, eat
and move with fun & purpose.
Best of all, you will gain the understanding of what it takes to create your best you, for the rest of your life. 

Postural Alignment

Did you ever consider there is a missing link
in your health & fitness? 

Just look around at the walking wounded we've all become - slouched, crooked, pained, misaligned...  


Posture, Flexibility, and Alignment are ALL connected to function, pain, & your ability to move.

Unless you do something to correct your alignment,
 most exercises will reinforce dysfunction.

Feel better, look better & move better...
even after just one session.


These exercises done mindfully, over time, 
will move any body strongly in the right direction.

Personal Training Rates


Single Session:

One-on-one: $80usd / sixty minute session

Group: $80usd for 1st person + $10usd / each additional person


One-on-one: $115usd / ninety minute session
Group: $115usd for 1st person + $15usd/each additional person


CANCELLATION POLICY - Due to high demand, we require a deposit to confirm your session. 
Any cancellation less than 1 week prior to scheduled time, will forfeit the deposit.

***Please note: PayPal fees is added to deposits below.*** 
The total will show up when you select the button and link to PayPal.

  DEPOSIT 60 Minute Session - $80usd

DEPOSIT 90 Minute Session - $120usd

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