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Melt Swing Sport Workshop - Coming Soon
Unleash Your Potential 

Elevate Your Golf Game with Dr. Shelly's 3-Part Melt Method for Swing Sports

This workshop is designed to eliminate pain, enhance performance, & take your game to the next level.

  • Discover the importance of rib mobility to reduce shoulder and hip instability, safeguard your knees, neck, and low back.

  • Uncover the secrets of hydrated fascia to improve your overall body mechanics, for a powerful and precise swing.

  • Explore the link between forearms, hands and shoulder stability and mobility.

  • Optimize sensory motor control for accuracy.

  • Restore hip and shoulder stability & mobility.

  • Hydrate fascia for stability, agility, and precision and to minimize pain and stiffness.

🏆– Gain the winning edge –🏆
Join the workshop to hydrate your fascia, enhance your grip & swing and outshine your competitors 🏆

Bonus: Conclude with valuable resources – products, videos, and more – empowering you to continue Melt on your own.

Group Classes in Punta Mita
Join us at Pacifico Beach Club 
Tues - Thurs - Sat


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thumbnail_Mita Planking Isbergs with dog


ROPES with Resistance

Tues - Thurs - Sat
Pacifico Beach Club

Pain Removed - Performance Improved!

Not foam rolling. Not stretching. Not exercise.

MELT Method is a gentle self-care technique that enhances mobility, stability & performance.

There’s a good chance you’re overlooking a fundamental cause of chronic pain, symptoms of aging, and so much more = Dehydrated fascia

So what causes the dehydration?  Just being alive.


Fascia is the supportive connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, organ, bone, blood vessel, joint, nerve fiber and cell in your body.

Using specially designed soft therapy balls and body rollers,
MELT’s specific techniques, bring a flush of fresh fluid through the fascial system to restore your fascia’s supportive, supple nature.   

The first time you try MELT, you’ll feel an immediate difference by the end of your session.

Keep practicing, and the changes will become
long-lasting & life enhancing!

Tues - Thurs - Sat
Pacifico Beach Club

Stability - Mobility - Strength


Power Ropes blends suspension training with controlled core focused movements.

PLUS Resistance Bands, Pilates & Fundamental Movements to allow all levels and bodies
to participate fully.

*Including those with injuries*

Suspension training works by challenging your body
in conditions of instability. T
his forces you to constantly engage your core to perform each exercise.

It also helps improve your balance and overall strength. 


You control the difficulty, while Dr Shelly coaches you to results with a focus on safe & effective training.


For All Fitness Levels & Ages

You will be amazed at how good you feel!

Come start your day & body off right.

Earn Your Margaritas!

Open Class Rates

Open Class Rates

Single class 
Melt $30usd/$500pesos
Ropes $25usd/$450pesos

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