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Shelly Yogev - MD, MPH, Wellness Coach, Certified Melt Method, Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates 
Graduate of Northwestern Medical School with Honors - MD & Masters in Pubic Health Class of 2001
Graduate of Johns Hopkins University with Honors  - PreMed & Natural Science Major Class of 1994

Dr Shelly's Story & Core Beliefs

Mindful awareness, Balance, Peace of mind 
hese words were absent from my medical education, and I realized that I, too, was lacking them
in my personal life. That realization led me down a different path.  I chose not to practice Western medicine and have dedicated the past 25 years of my life embracing a new way of living & teaching my philosophy 

I believe that by making mindful changes, you can significantly improve 
comfort, function, and overall pursuit of wellness.
 Optimizing  Healthspan rather than Lifespan

You don't have to accept living with pain, discomfort, and limitations.
You can choose to move, eat, be aware & live in a way that helps rather than harms. 

If you are aware of how to take care of your body & mind, they will take care of you.


By forging a deep connection with yourself, you can become aware,
start to listen and can then provide yourself with the care you deserve.


And let us not forget - The Fun! Life after all, is hard enough.

So if you're ready to embark on a transformative journey toward  wellness and more fulfilling life,
I invite you to join me.  Together, we can cultivate mindful awareness, wellness and

a state of being that will ripple through every aspect of your life,
bringing you closer to the vibrant and joyful existence you deserve.

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