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Oceanview Palapa Group Classes in Sayulita
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Melt Method + Pilates

Pain Removed - Performance Improved

Classes Resume in November


Not foam rolling. Not stretching. Not exercise

MELT Method is a gentle self-care technique that enhances mobility, stability & performance.

Fascia is the supportive connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, organ, bone, blood vessel, joint, nerve fiber and cell in your body.

Using specially designed soft therapy balls and body rollers, MELT’s specific techniques, bring a flush of fresh fluid through the fascial system to restore your fascia’s supportive, supple nature.   

Once we get your neuro-fascial network awake, hydrated and efficient, we will exercise with traditional Pilates movements.

Stabilized - Mobilized - Strengthened
Your core and your entire system
will benefit from this unique class


Workout Mindfully with Dr. Shelly

For All Levels & Ages

Come start your day & body off right.

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Directions to The Palapa

The Palapa is located on the Southern cliff of Sayulita beach. 
 Walk or drive past fishing boats on Southern end of beach. 
Follow the road through Villa Amor Hotel (Yellow 4-story hotel at end of bay)

Continue as the road turns under this colorful archway. 
There is construction on the Left.












Immediately, on your right, there will be fencing covered in a green material.
This is the property for The Mexifit Palapa.

Look for the Mexifit signs and the gate. A box with class info there too.

Do Not Enter the Cemetery.
If you are walking from town,  The Palapa gate is before the cemetery. 


When class is ON the gate is open, leading you up the stairs.
Come on up the stairs for a breathtaking view and incredible classes.


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Open Class Rates

Open Class Rates

Class Rates

Drop In    $400 pesos 
5 pack      $1800pesos


Cash only is accepted on-site (Pesos or USD)

5 pack is Non-transferable and Valid 4 Weeks from date of purchase.

Bring water and a small sweat towel, along with your motivation.

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