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Mexifit Sayulita Location - The Palapa
One of the Most Spectacular spots in all of Sayulita!

Come Workout with the Whales


Come join me at The Palapa - View of the bay, town, whales and more!
Mexifit is proud to not only provide the best training but also the most amazing location!  

Come enjoy more than an awesome workout.
 Let the whales inspire you, while the view takes your breath away.  


plank w shelly and iew.jpg

The Palapa is located on the
Southern cliff of Sayulita beach.
It is on the way to Los Muertos Beach

  Walk or drive past fishing boats on Southern end of beach.   Follow the road past Villa Amor Hotel (Yellow 4-story hotel at end of bay)

Continue as the road turns under archway
(pictured below) 







Immediately, on your right, there will be fencing covered in a green material.
This is the property - The Mexifit Palapa.

Look for the Mexifit signs and the gate.
A box with class info there too.

Do Not Enter the cemetery.
If you are walking from town,  
The Palapa gate is Before the cemetery. 


When class is ON the gate is open,
leading you up the stairs.

Come on up the stairs for a breathtaking view and incredible classes.

ejidal panteon arch by palapa.jpg
side plank on rope rusty&stacey.jpg
chucho enjoying town view.jpg
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